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TMI book tag


I’ve been invited to do this tag by @sztinus on Moly. Hungarian answers are to be found here. English answers below (English questions from Literberry blog)

1) What fictional character has the best style?
Iván Gorcsev in The 14-carat Roadster.

2)Your book girlfriend/boyfriend/ fictional crush?
Aforementioned gentleman and similar happy-go-lucky characters by Jenő Rejtő; the male protagonists of Sophie Kinsella; Mark Watney.

3)Ever loved a character but than started hating them?


4)Biggest/Longest book on your shelf?
Ulysses by James Joyce or War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy.

5)Heaviest book on your shelf?
We have a replica edition of the Vizsoly Bible. Or maybe one of the cookbooks.

6)Do you have any book posters?

7)Do you have any book themed jewelry?
No, but why? There are some really fun pieces here. (wink-wink, nudge-nudge)

8)Book OTP (one true pairing)?

9)Favorite book series?
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a terrific trilogy of five.

10)Favorite Book-to-movie soundtrack?
Bridget Jones (All by myself, especially)

11)A book story you miss/ wish would continue?
In recent months, I had missed The Elephant Whisperer and Fredrik Backman’s Ove and Britt Marie for a while.

12)Favorite stand-alone?
My current favourite is A man called Ove but 4 3 2 1 is making me forget all other books. Also, the best book ever written is Nineteen Eighty-Four.

13)Since when did you read books?
Started sometime before starting school, definitely before age six (4-5?).

14)Which Hogwarts house are you in?
No idea.

15)Quality you look for in a book?
Magic (a world I can lose myself in), good writing (sentences I want to reread), grammatical correctness, interesting plot, complex characters, good sense of humour.

16)Favorite book quote
“If life is a book, then read it while you can. Don’t save up any pages for later, because there might not be one.” Pete McCarthy: McCarthy’s Bar: A Journey of Discovery in Ireland

17)Favorite author?
Paul Auster (George Orwell, Fredrik Backman, Andy Weir, and many more)

18)Favorite book cover?


19)Action or Romance?

20)Where do you go when a sad moment happens?
Into the pantry. Nah, to embrace my kids.

21)How long do you need to finish a book?
Which one? A 15 page board book or an 8-900 page novel? Is it ancient or contemporary? Fiction or non-fiction? How much time do I have for reading each day?

22)How long is your mourning period?
Couple of days, a week maybe. There are so many great books out there, I cannot allow more than that.

23)Least favourite Book?
Mrs. Dalloway. It was a torture but I do understand why it’s important and I’m glad I read it.

24)Turn on in a character?
Wit, intelligence and heart.

25)Turn off in a character?
No brain, no humour, no heart.

26)Reason I started blogging?

See here.

27)Name a scary book?
I don’t remember the title but it was about a blue-eyed child who remembered his own birth. He was super intelligent and evil (anyone? what is this book?).

Also The Book : 1984. It contains only letters on paper but I was never scared out of my wits so much as when the following happens: “We are the dead. You are the dead.”

28)Last book that made you cry?
A Man Called Ove

29)Last book that you gave 5 stars?
A Man Called Ove

30)Any favorite book titles?
My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry

31)Last book you read?
Holden Rose: Hófehér kelepce

32)Book you’re currently reading?
4 3 2 1 and Ulysses

33)Last book adaptation you watched?
Steve Jobs

34)A book character you always wanted to talk to?
The Little Prince

35)An author you always wanted to talk to?
Paul Auster not that I’d be a good partner in conversation.

36)Favorite Book snack?
And damage the book? Are you kidding?!

37)Book world you want to live in?
I prefer realistic ones.

38)Book world you DON’T want to live in?
1984 Seems it’s not a question of preferences though.

39)Last time you smelled a book?
Last week though I don’t usually do this.

40)Weird insults used in books?
Ah, yes, famous Shakespeare insults. Look it up, they’re fun.

41)Favorite romance book?
Can you keep a secret? by Sophie Kinsella (and her other books)


42)Do you write?
This blog and reviews these days.

43)Favorite magical item?
I really don’t know.

44)Your quidditch position?
My what?

45)Name a song you connect to a book
Sunday Bloody Sunday, All by myself

46)Favorite book related chat up line?
I don’t have one but now I think I should.

47)Have you ever used it?

48)Favorite book fandom?
I feel so old.

49)How many books do you own?
Around 1300.

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