Posted by: blueisthenewpink | Jan 26, 2017

Anticipated releases in 2017

I used to watch in amazement how many of you listed several anticipated releases for each month. I usually have one or two per year. Or none. This year, however, I can’t wait for a couple of new releases by my favourite authors.


The first one – and most anticipated – is coming next Tuesday (31 January) to my kindle, pre-ordered in November. It is 4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster. It will be his first new novel in seven years! I loved all of his novels from the very first one that crossed my path. This one is 880 pages so I will have to put Ulysses aside for a while. Oh, I really can’t wait!


A very different favourite of mine, Sophie Kinsella is also publishing a new novel: My not so Perfect Life is due to arrive on 9 February to my kindle. I like to read something light and funny from time to time and Kinsella is a queen of this genre.

The new Fredrik Backman book is coming in Hungarian at the end of spring/beginning of summer as told by publisher Animus. I almost bought it in English, but doesn’t offer a kindle edition. Strange because .com has it (why can’t one buy a kindle book from that site to read on a device registered to Anyone? I am the same person with the same credit card.) Anyway, there’s only one Backman translated to Hungarian I haven’t read so far, so I’m really happy a new one is coming soon.


One of my favourite children’s authors, András Dániel told us while drawing a dragon with three heads, tiptoeing on clouds in a nice sweater that he was working on two new books coming this year. One in the kufli series and another one about preschool adventures sporting a working title so complicated I can’t even remember it but I’m quite sure there was a lift (elevator) in it. I’m curious about the new kufli book, too. I’m a great fan but the last one was only okay for me, so I hope my enthusiasm will be back with this one.

Another new favourite children’s author of mine, the very talented Erzsi Kertész is also expected to release a sequel to Helló, felség! (Hello, Your Majesty!), that taught (self-)acceptance in a wonderful story about second graders.

There are some books I’m planning to read once they’re released but these are all I’m eagerly waiting pre-release and try to get my hands on the moment they are published. What about you?

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