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Let’s read… and take challenges in 2017

Let’s read the books we own(, too)! The problem with the books one possesses is that there’s no time limit to read them, they don’t have to be returned. (Unlike library books or travelling ones.) Therefore, they just sit on the shelves, collecting dust forever and ever. KonMari would throw them all away but I prefer to read most of them first. Especially those obtained in 2016. At moly (kind of a Hungarian goodreads), there is a challenge for this. You have to choose 12 of your own books and put them on a shelf. Then you have to read them in 2017. You may create a second list so that you can choose another one if any book from list A is just not manageable to read, for any reason.

This is my primary list (all bought or received in 2016):

Jon Stewart – David Javerbaum – Rory Albanese – Steve Bodow – Josh Lieb: Earth (the book)

−15%Nádasdy Ádám: A vastagbőrű mimóza

−70%Bozóky József: Majdnem Nirvána

−15%John Teasdale – Mark Williams – Zindel Segal: Tudatos jelenlét a gyakorlatban

−15%Sándor Erzsi: Anyavalya

−15%Sue Townsend: The Woman Who Went to Bed for a Year

Frances Mayes: Under the Tuscan Sun

Alan Glynn: Limitless

−15%Elena Ferrante: Briliáns barátnőm

Karen Joy Fowler: We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

−15%Fredrik Backman: Az ember, akit Ovénak hívnak

Bartos Erika (szerk.): A bátorságpróba


And this is list B (still all from 2016):

−15%Miloš Macourek: Matyi és Sári az iskolában

−15%Joshua Wolf Shenk: Kreatív párosok

−16%Bodor Attila: A ló, aki édességet tüsszentett

Mike Gayle: His 'N' Hers

Sue Monk Kidd: The Secret Life of Bees

Lisa Genova: Still Alice

−15%Máté Angi: Mamó

−15%Jill Tomlinson: A tyúk, aki soha nem adta fel

−15%Ursula Jones: A királykisasszony, akinek nem volt birodalma

−15%Ursula Jones: A királykisasszony, aki nem mehetett el a bálba

Jenny Colgan: The Little Beach Street Bakery

Amy Poehler: Yes Please


I also took a challenge to tackle my to-be-read list. The rules are to make a similar 12 book list (plus 12 on a secondary list), consisting of titles that have been sittig on your tbr list for at least six months. You don’t have to own a copy for this one.

I decided to include some of the big ones from the Intimidating tbr list:

James Joyce: Ulysses (angol) Yann Martel: Pi életeHeinrich Böll: Csoportkép hölggyel Szabó T. Anna – Lackfi János: A nő meg a férfi Almási Miklós: Bevezetés a 21. századba Szabó Magda: Abigél  

John Elder Robison: Nézz a szemembe Lackfi János: Egy a ráadás Paul Auster: Winter Journal Dante Alighieri: Isteni színjáték Bagdy Emőke: Pszichofitness Robin Sloan: Penumbra úr nonstop könyvesboltja 

And if I’m not able to finish Ulysses, I can always switch to War and Peace (or any of these) instead ;)

Lev Tolsztoj: Háború és béke Wil Haygood: A komornyik Jenny Colgan: The Little Beach Street Bakery George Orwell: Állatfarm Máté Angi: Mamó Ken Kesey: Száll a kakukk fészkére  

Bodor Attila: A ló, aki édességet tüsszentett Jean-Philippe Arrou-Vignod: A cukrozott omlett Bagdy Emőke – Koltai Mária – Pál Ferenc – Popper Péter: A belénk égett múlt Kim Holden: Bright Side (angol) Katarzyna Miller – Monika Pawluczuk: Nőnek lenni és nem bedilizni Robert Merle: Mesterségem a halál


Moreover, there are two e-books I pre-ordered back in August and November. They are coming straight to my beloved kindle at the end of January/beginning of February:

Paul Auster: 4 3 2 1 Sophie Kinsella: My Not So Perfect Life


What are your reading plans for this year?


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