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The intimidating TBR pile book tag

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This is my very first book tag. I first saw it on Hagyjatok! Olvasok! (Leave me alone, I’m reading) and got the questions in English from Jessica Bookshops. So, let’s see:

1) What book have you been unable to finish?
Jacques Perry: L’Île d’un autre (Az ismeretlen sziget)
I started it several times but somehow it seems I just can’t get past the first 5o or so pages. It’s a bit slow and meditative, and has a very unique atmosphere. I actually liked to be lost in this world every time, but I still couldn’t finish it.

What book have you yet to read because…

2) …you just haven’t had the time?
Most of them belong here, most recently Bright Side by Kim Holden and The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

3) …it’s a sequel?
I don’t think I have anything here. Not counting children’s books, I rarely read series these days. And there’s no new Shopaholic out yet. ;) The other series I read was the Hitchhiker’s Guide.
In children’s books, I haven’t read András Dániel’s Szerintem mindenki legyen kufli! and Jó éjszakát, kuflik! because I just managed to get the first book from the library, and the second one, Kuflik és a nagy eső is still not available. I think they could be read in any order now (after the first one’s introduction to these creatures) but I like to keep the chronological sequence.

4) …it’s brand new?
And I couldn’t buy it? Or borrow from the library? Or does brand new mean I just bought it? The Rosie Project in the last case. I can’t think of anything for the previous ones.

5) …you read a book by the same author and didn’t enjoy it?
Nope, they don’t make it to the TBR pile then.

6) …you’re just not in the mood for it?
Abigél by Magda Szabó. I bought it with my birthday gift card and took it on holiday but felt I don’t want to be in Hungary when I’m on holiday abroad, not even while reading. Also, it seems I can’t get in the mood for The Life of Pi by Yann Martel, or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. I really need some entertainment at the end of the day not something more to cope with.

7) …it’s humungous?
Ulysses (James Joyce). And, of course, War and Peace (Leo Tolstoy). That’s double the volume of Ulysses but I think Joyce’s book is harder to read. Maybe I should buy these in e-book form for more convenient reading but then I still have to find the courage to start reading.

8) …because it was a cover buy that turned out to have poor reviews?
I don’t really buy books because of their covers, I’m more of a sucker for good titles. I bought What Milo Saw by Virginia MacGregor because I liked the cover, but checked the reviews before buying it. I saw the Hungarian cover but I can’t switch off my translator’s brain while reading so I bought it in English, an e-book version (I love to buy English titles in Kindle format and getting them instantly. Best invention ever!). I am currently reading it and I love it!

I bought some chick lit with titles and covers I liked that I haven’t started yet: The Wish List by Jane Costello, The Birthday That Changed Everything by Debbie Johnson, Rumour Has It by Jill Mansell, and The Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan.

9) What is the most intimidating book in your TBR pile?
I think it must be Ulysses. I started it once, got maybe to the second page and gave up. I have yet to summon the courage to try again.

Also, the brand new translation of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy by Ádám Nádasdy, a very talented translator and professor of English language at ELTE university is waiting for me.

That’s it for the Intimidating TBR pile book tag. Which one on your to-be-read list will you start reading next?

(Also, please leave a link in the comments if you completed the tag, too. I would love to read your answers!)



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