Posted by: bluelion | June 16, 2016

Organiser dilemma

I am about to try a flexible, Filofax-type ringed organiser system (again). I’m currently following a creative course on these diaries: how to personalise and decorate them so they don’t look that ugly. I have my two small and beautiful diaries which I don’t really want to replace. But.

Yeah, actually, this is not all of them

I have a separate journal for books (it’s full anyway), one for each kid plus notebooks for their cute sayings, and I also write their milestones in the to do diary and on the wall calendar. Everyone’s vaccinations are in yet another insert. Actually, it was an address insert of a pocket Moleskine I changed with stickers ages ago. I have a budget planner, a blog planner, one for the garden, a home entertainment planner for when I want to be a top housewife (never used). These are the ones I intend (or not – why have I bought that home entertainment planner again?) to use but actually don’t. Then, I have a Christmas planner for the festive season. And a menu and shopping planner I actually use. A lot. A notebook for my offline tilt (which I don’t really do) and two beautiful notebooks for everything else. And the smartphone’s notes section.

The ones I use most are the erasable magnetic family weekly planner on the fridge (I love that!), and the calendar and notes apps in my smartphone. I also like the month-at-a-glance feature of the wall calendar. I put stickers of the kids’ milestones in that. It is more of a journal than a planner now. Recently, I started to use my to do diary more. I already tore off almost all the perforated pages at the end, for various lists (library, shopping, books to buy, guests). It seems like I am all for tear off pages.

I came to the realisation that it would be nice to have all most of these in one place. Organised mum’s family planner had many of them incorporated but it was too big for me. It had the grid format of the fridge planner, budget and christmas sections, tear-off pages at the end and whatnot. Not too many notes pages though. And not flexible. At all.

To do diary, personal and A5 size Filofax-style diaries

I was thinking about the Filofax Clipbook which is A5 but slim. However, it seems that any dividers would stick out on the side. It’s a pity really because they have a great weekly planner refill in that size with the week on the left side and grids on the right (eg. for other family members). An A5 Filofax seems too big for me, and pocket size is not really good for having this many things in it. For a small diary that fits in every bag, BusyB’s to do diary shall remain in my use. So, I shall go for a personal size Filofax, I think.

That’s all I need

And this one, too

And this one, too

Or... more like these are all I need

Aaaaaall right, these are all I need. Really. (And the ones on the fridge and the wall, you know…

I also plan to keep my to do and slow diaries, the monthly wall calendar (and I plan to get a yearly one for the home office), and of course, the magnetic weekly planner on the fridge. That is just the best. All the others should fit inside a personal size Filofax. What do you think? What organiser(s) do you use, like and recommend?



  1. Wow, somebody else who geeks out about planners and diaries! I doubt I’m much help to you, though, because we seem to want different things from our systems. I have an irrational longing for the Hebdoclair I used in college, but I have to face up to the fact that it’s just not appropriate for a non-student. I have a soft spot for Filofax as well, as it served me well when I was a 20-something. In my 30s, I tried Daytimer, and it worked, but to make it work required it to be HUGE, so I dropped that after only a year or so. Nowadays I’ve pretty much sold my soul to Google and am currently experimenting with their Goals calendar feature on my phone, seeing if I can integrate it well with Habitica.

    For reading notes and plans, I use a combination of a blank journal and Goodreads. In the blank journal, I mostly record notes to use in reviews later, but occasionally I will use it to plan out the order for reading my next few picks, and I also keep track of my start::finish ratio. Since this system requires several bookmarks, I print out reading challenge lists and shopping lists to use as bookmarks.

    For writing, I’m still having a hard time finding a system that works for me. I have a friend who swears by a system similar to Circa, creating a separate “bible” for each project. I may have to try that. That’s sort of what I’ve done for my last two major trips, and I think it helped.

    As for general notes, I’ve learned putting them in any phone app virtually guarantees I will never look at them again. So I carry a small Moleskine or similar with me at all times for jotting little reminders. At least then there’s a chance I’ll remember to look at it again.

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    • Haha, absolutely, I love planners and diaries!

      Thank you for your comment! I haven’t even heard of some of the things you mentioned. Habitica sounds really cool! I don’t know if it could work well with a goal of less screen time though.

      I also use the Hungarian version of Goodreads (called Moly) for tracking my readings, and I write drafts mainly in the WordPress app on my phone. The journal was filled afterwards to have it on paper, too. I also keep a list of my new readings in a draft here and in a note on my phone. I use ColorNote there and it seems to be working for me. I intend to do more planning on paper now. Maybe if it’s not the 100th different notebook…

      I love the printed reading challenge lists and shopping lists as bookmarks! :)

      Circa looks really cool, too. I think the Filofax Clipbook may be something similar. It is probably best used as a notebook. I use the Gorjuss notebook (the girl with the large pocket watch in the upper row) for writing. It has blank, lined and checked pages, and ribbon bookmarks – it is rather small though.

      I don’t know how the personal Filofax will work out but I have high hopes. The one in the pictures is the planner I used in high school! I think I need another design now :)

      Oh, and I love my Moleskines! (Now I feel like I’m cheating on them.)

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  2. I love writing, so I have a lot of notebooks and planners to write in. :) I own a filofax in personal size(but would like to have one in A5 some time), one the same size from an unknown brand, a smaller one I recently purchased and will probably never use because it’s really small… a Leuchtturm1917 notebook(That paper is perfect for ink if you love fountain pens like me.) that I use as a bullet journal at the moment, a pile of half-filled notebooks for poems or notes, another planner I use for my daily to-do’s. I wish I could decide to use only one of them for everything, it would make life so much easier. :D But it’s simply too hard.

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    • I have quite a collection, too :) but I can’t find anything. The Filofax with a different section for everything, and customized dividers may do the trick. At least I hope so!

      This is not a Filofax either, actually, it was a freebie some 15 years ago :D But I just ordered my first Filofax! Can’t wait for it to get here!

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      • I’m sure you will like your new filofax. I love having a lot of different self-made dividers in my planner and create categories for this and that and everything. :)

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  3. I have just written a post about my rose gold Filofax! I would love it if you could check it out :)

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