Posted by: bluelion | June 9, 2016

My Screen-Free Week – Where I started


I still couldn’t quite catch up with the blog posts since Screen-Free Week 2-8 May. That’s been over a month now.

Total screen-free week is definitely not working for me as I have so many to-be-written posts piling up during that time period. One thing that is worth incorporating into my life is to keep screen time for the kids’ sleep time so it doesn’t take a second away from them. Moreover, they don’t see the bad example of staring at the screen.

We don’t have a television simply because we never turned it on anymore. We gave the one we had away and never got a new one. So this was not a problem. I don’t play games on screens either, nothing to do there. However, my hubby and I do spend too much time staring at our smartphones and computers. The kids occasionally watch a song or an episode of Fireman Sam (that stands for the five-and-a-half-year-old only) on YouTube (Unless it’s Daddy’s turn to watch the children when they usually end up staring at cooking shows or the long Firman Sam movie – while Daddy is taking a nap ;)). By occasionally, I mean once every two weeks or less. And this was before I finished reading Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting.

Facebook is not much of a problem either. I managed to reduce it to checking whether someone sent me a message there and looking at 2-3 posts, then navigate away. I like to check the page of Humans of New York and of course the page of my in-laws’ company. Actually, I am thinking about setting up a page for this blog, too (I’m currently reading about effective social media marketing). There are some friends I correspond with only there. (Now Fb is very aggressively pushing the messenger app. I can’t even check my messages on my phone without it any more. Guess what? I still won’t download it. You know why? Because it gave a mile-long list of permissions it wants. No, Facebook, I won’t allow you to check everything on my phone. I simply have to replace m. with www. at the beginning, and I can read my messages. Ha!) I was thinking about deleting my account on more than one occasion. It is said you won’t miss anything. Now hear about yesterday: a friend’s husband was selling a great camera case half price which we could get and hopefully I’m receiving a signed Paul Auster book! All because I checked Facebook yesterday. I also found a job once on a similar site that’s not up anymore and learned quite a few things. If only I could really filter the oh-so-funny and ain’t-it-cute stuff along with the gasp-this-horrible-thing-happened and politics. What’s that algorithm good for, really?

I reduced reading news to… well, almost nothing. The world seems a nicer, safer place now. Although I do wonnder sometimes whether I will know when to pack up the kids and run for our lives.

I have unsubscribed from almost all newsletters. It demanded too much time; checking the emails because of notifications (although I opted out from push notifications ages ago and had the phone check mails only once in a couple of hours), reading the titles and marking them all as ‘read’. Checking a few, then clicking to webshops and checking items I don’t need but can buy cheaper because it’s there’s-nothing-special-today-sale. I decided to check the website or their Facebook pages instead, when I wanted to buy something from them. There are some sites I unsubscribed from three times but are still sending mails. (Yeah, that’s you, giftexperience!) Spam folder for those. Now I have six e-mails per day at most.

My Scree-Free Week experience is coming up in the next post. Don’t forget to check back!



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