Posted by: blueisthenewpink | Mar 22, 2016

Books and… well, water for World Water Day

WWD2016_en-RVBWater has always been sacred to me. I never let people throw their rubbish in it, even in high school, and now I try my best to teach my children not to waste it. As I was collecting water-related books for today’s World Water Day, I realized that almost every book could be included. Whether it is for transport, rain, drinking water or a source of inner peace, water is essential for all of us.

Before the books, let me introduce my favourite project, The Ocean Cleanup. Founded by a 19-year-old Dutch guy, Boyan Slat, who found a way to collect all the plastic waste floating in our oceans. I am proud to have been able to contribute to this cause at the crowdfunding stage, and see it become bigger and bigger, and closer to accomplishment. You can still donate to help their extraordinary work.

The top water-themed book must be Robert Merle’s Un animal doué de raison. It is captivating. I never understood the dolphin-craze. That is, before reading this book. I’ve been a dolphin fan ever since. Also made me wonder whether a writer should refrain from publishing certain ideas in case they would be used by not the right kind of people. (Of course not. But do they blame themselves afterwards?)

In space, water is an issue. The drops floating on ISS when an astronaut wants to drink or brush his teeth, or a complicated way to produce water for growing crops on Mars.

It might be something the characters travel through: on the surface or below.

In many books, it is where the characters live, and in many cases, it is what helps them and us relax. There is nothing more soothing than the sea.


Sometimes it is a fresh water spring found by a little pig, other times it is rain pouring down.

And when we don’t respect it, water may become so hopelessly polluted that an animal in it becomes extinct.

Our lives depend on clean water. All of our lives. It is our responsibility to protect it. After all, it is blue.

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