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These are my new diaries and planners for the new year

I don’t know about you but somehow I always end up with multiple diaries and planners for the new year. Each has something exciting to offer.

For a couple of years, I opted for Moleskine weekly planners, and I loved them. (It all started with a Venezia city notebook, remember?) Each year, I chose the limited edition, either pocket or large size. (Actually, Le Petit Prince limited edition weekly planner for 2016 does look great…)

Then came the kids, and I found that I had to juggle more than one or two schedules. First, I bought the Busy Life Diary from BusyB (previously KTwo). They have gorgeous products, it’s like a stationery heaven! I still bought my Moleskine, too. BusyB (KTwo) had a questionnaire and I told them the Moleskine weekly planner is something noone can compete with. You know what? They can! This year, they came up with the To do diary (which is apparently sold out). The layout is like Moleskine weekly planner’s but the whole diary is smaller and full of flowers and colours. It’s not for everyone, of course, but I found it was like a cute version of my beloved Moleskine.

Anti-planner diary (Slow Budapest) and To do diary (BusyB)

Anti-planner diary (Slow Budapest) and To do diary (BusyB)… I know…

So this year, my first choice is BusyB’s To do diary (on the right).

It has month-at-a-glance pages for the whole year at the beginning of the diary. Then, the weeks have a vertical layout on the left hand side with a page for notes on the right hand side, just like Moleskine’s weekly planner. Only with flowers and colours. And smaller. It is very girlish, I love it! Reminders page and a pocket for this and that every three months. I don’t think a reminders page is very useful there, though you can find it easily because of the pocket. We’ll see. ‘Dates for next year’ at the end. I usually scribble them down on the last notes page, now they have their own place! Contacts at the back – a section I never use. Notes – not really, either. And perforated, empty (shopping) lists pages! Now, that is something I already loved at Organised Mum’s Family Life Book Diary. This planner is like all my favourite features from every diary in a small, light, cute version.


To do diary 2016

Then, I have an Anti-planner from Slow Budapest movement. It is like a planner, with horizontal layout, and a careful plan to slow down. January, for example, is the month of silence. There are ideas at the beginning of each month of ways to step away from our way too fast paced (busy – yeah, I know, these diaries totally contradict each other) lifestyles. It also suggests seasonal fruits and vegetables to consume and fun days of celebration like the day of bursting bubbles (26 January in case you wondered). Apparently, today is Hugging Day! There are four different covers to choose from. I bought the one called ‘city’ for myself and the one with the motto for my hubby. Mine shows an upstairs apartment’s glass doors with the silhouette of a child and large trees in front of the building. Inside, there must be a piano, ceiling heights of four metres, walls packed with bookshelves, intelligent conversation at the great dining table, the sound of children’s laughter, nothing too loud but still carefree, like warm and lazy summer afternoons. An intellectually stimulating childhood. Quiet, sunshiny, safe.



These are my two basic planners.

I bought a Busy Life Diary for my sister-in-law for Christmas, and she’s absolutely thrilled with it! She got one two years ago, and loved using it. She doesn’t have kids yet ;) I buy one every Christmas for my sister, too. She has two school-age daughters, a self-employed husband and a day job, and is usually satisfied with the diary. This year, however, she chose the To do diary (I always ask her which design she prefers).

I have a diary (not a planner) that has a question for each day and space for five years’ answers below. I just started but I think it will be fun.


I have some nice empty notebooks. A floral one from BusyB with a matching stylus pen (screen thingy at one end, simple ink at other end). This one’s just for notes.


A collection of seasonal notebooks from Gorjuss that host my offline Things I love Thursdays (every day), and another Gorjuss notebook for my December Daily project which I still intend to transfer there from a draft on my smartphone.


There is a planner that looked interesting but I haven’t bought it (yet?). It has a different layout and a separate space for the week’s birthdays. However, I already have two planners I can carry in my bag, so it will have to wait another year. Or some major discount which is everywhere in January!

These are in my drawers or in my bags with me. I shall see how they work for me throughout the year.

On the kitchen/dining room wall, I have a family monthly planner, just below the only clock in the house. It is a colourful diary with all the Hungarian name days and holidays. It has five columns; one for each of us plus an extra we use for others’ birthdays, anniversaries, or things like recycling bin day. I like to see the month at a glance with all the major events of the whole family.


Right next to it, on the fridge, I have a magnetic family organiser by Organised Mum. This is my absolute favourite. I purchased some extra magnets which can be made into a shopping list, and also have items like ‘water the flowers’ or ‘doctor’ or ‘pay the bills’. This is the planner I use the most. Every Sunday evening I stand there and erase last week, then write next week’s schedule, to dos and events. Weekly whatevers stay on, I only erase the ones that change. The pens are not very good quality, though. I bought some extra, colourful ones (a good quality purple one, and 4 for 995 HUF at IKEA with eraser).

I had a weekly family planner by Organised Mum but that became obsolete with the arrival of the magnetic fridge planner. It has the same layout with the usual family grid format, and had a transparent plastic sheet you could clip on each week so regular programs didn’t have to be rewritten. If you don’t want to or can’t put anything on your fridge, this planner gives you the same, plus perforated shopping lists!

I had a Family Life Book diary from Organised Mum last year (on 50% sale now!). However, with the cover, it became so bulky that I stopped using it after a while. It had a budget and a Christmas planning part, which is great. Now I have to write those in separate books. I shall show you the budget planner, and my weekly menu and shopping planner in a next post.

What planners or diaries have you started using in the new year?
(Also, don’t forget to hug someone today!)



  1. Great post!


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